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Education, Policy Mon 8 Apr

Performance related pay – don’t believe the spin

Today I have written my Guardian column on the issue of performance related pay for teachers which the Coalition government wants to introduce from this autumn. You can click on this link to read the full text of the article. Before I started writing it, I put out a request for opinion and evidence on Twitter and received a huge number […]

Education Sun 27 Feb

To Miss With Love – fact of fiction?

Katharine Birbalsingh , the teacher who spoke at last year’s Tory Party Conference condemning our state schools, has given her latest interview to the Observer. Several parents,  teachers, pupils (including me) and one politician were given the opportunity to respond here. Here is my initial take on the book , To Miss with Love, that […]

Education Tue 7 Dec

Lessons from PISA

The new PISA data is out, based on tests taken by half a million 15 year olds in 70 countries. Its key findings are here. What does it tell us? NOT that the performance of English pupils got worse but that we were outperformed by more nations than last time this data was collected in […]

Education Tue 26 Oct

Is the New Schools Network fit to set up state schools?

Link to original post on the Local Schools Network Listening to Rachel Wolf, CEO of the New Schools Network, on Radio Four’s Today programme this morning, it was impossible to avoid the conclusion that this organisation is not really fit to set up new schools. Questioned about whether children should be taught by unqualified teachers, […]

Education Sat 15 May

Will teachers really get freedom over what they teach?

Interesting piece by Mike Baker on the BBC website, speculating about how far this government will be prepared to go to ‘free up’ the primary school curriculum. Mixed messages came from the Conservative Party during the election campaign. On one hand they promised to ask schools simply to focus on the three R’s, but with […]

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