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Education Sun 27 Feb

To Miss With Love – fact of fiction?

Katharine Birbalsingh , the teacher who spoke at last year’s Tory Party Conference condemning our state schools, has given her latest interview to the Observer. Several parents,  teachers, pupils (including me) and one politician were given the opportunity to respond here. Here is my initial take on the book , To Miss with Love, that […]

Education Thu 26 Aug

Guess what? The state sector is closing the gap.

You may not have realised it from the media coverage but this year’s exam results showed the state sector gaining on private schools at both GCSE and A level. In comprehensives the proportion of GCSE grades being an A or A* rose by 0.9 % and those achieving C or better rose by2.2%. In private […]

By Henry Stewart, Chair of Governors Stoke Newington School 0 comments
Education Sun 11 Jul

David Cameron is wrong about London state schools

So David Cameron claims to be ‘terrified’ of the secondary school choices available to him as a parent living in London. He needs to get out and about a bit. I must declare an interest. I am chair of governors of two London schools, I was educated in London state schools and have three children […]