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The future of London schools

I was educated in London state schools, all my children have been educated in London state schools and I have been actively involved in those schools as a parent and governor for over 20 years. I care passionately about the future of London education and am proud of what we have achieved in the last […]

Education Mon 11 Oct

Schools can’t make society fairer on their own

Is anyone is seriously surprised at the findings of the latest report from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission. The conclusion of  ‘How fair is Britain’? Our nation has glaring inequalities between men and women, rich and poor, and different ethnic groups. No wonder all our young political leaders are in a fight to the […]

Education Wed 23 Jun

Most parents happy with their children’s schools

Guess what?  You won’t read it in the papers but most parents are happy with their children’s schools. A research review, carried out by RISE (Research and Information in State Education), looked at evidence gathered over three years, covering over 20,000 parents.The vast majority (over 90%) were satisfied with their children’s schools and over three […]

Other Articles, Policy Thu 1 Apr

An alternative manifesto for parents

Parents will be centre stage in the coming election, just as they have been for the last twenty years. Much will be said and done in our name and the debate will undoubtedly be  coloured by the views of a small group of media commentators whose personal experiences are not necessarily representative of the nation […]