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Education Fri 10 Sep

Why did the rush for academy and free school status fizzle out?

Almost the first thing the Coalition government announced after the May election was the urgent need for legislation to enable the mass creation of academies and so-called ‘free schools’. The rationale for the urgency being that there were several thousand local authority-maintained schools desperate to break away and hundreds of groups who wanted to establish […]

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Education Mon 12 Jul

Join the fight back on BSF and Gove’s pet projects

Once upon a time there was a Tory Secretary of State for Education called John Patten. He was generally thought to be a hapless disaster, whose time as a Cabinet minister in the early 1990s was taken up with trying to get as many schools as possible to opt out of local authority control. He […]

Education Sat 19 Jun

School reforms face set-backs

Oh dear. Michael Gove’s school reforms seem to have hit choppy waters already. For a start there is clearly no money to build all his  ‘free’ schools. The IT fund he hoped to raid for capital investment in this financial year is partly spent and, according to the Guardian, the Treasury is less than happy […]

Education Fri 11 Jun

It could have been worse. We could have got Eric Pickles.

I am Head of an inner city secondary school. Its non selective and local authority controlled and as result it is about to become deeply unfashionable. As the likelihood of a Conservative government grew over the last 18 months I began to take an interest in their policies. I attended talks, read policy documents and […]

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