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Private schools see themselves as businesses. Lets treat them that way.

Every so often I check in on one of the longest running sagas in the education world – that of the charitable status of fee-charging schools. It is an epic tale going back 800 years to the foundation of charity schools like Eton and Winchester. The intricate web of endowments enjoyed by some of these […]

Education Fri 13 Jan

Ed Miliband ought to re-start the debate about charitable status for private schools

Which school sector has most reason to feel quietly satisfied as we start 2012? Free schools benefitting from a high profile and capital investment at a time of cuts? Early converter academies with their artificially pumped up budgets? The good fortune of both must surely be trumped by that of the private sector. No mainstream […]

Education Wed 11 May

Private schools should do more than just exist to earn their charitable status

First published in Guardian Education Recent rows about social mobility, interns and Nick Clegg’s work experience have been heated and flushed out some important, if intractable, issues. Odd therefore that an imminent court case about the meaning of charitable status for private schools, an equally significant issue for future social mobility, has attracted so little […]