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Education Tue 8 Mar

How do we decide if we ‘need’ a new school

Published in Guardian Education today How should we decide what constitutes ‘need’ for a new school? This, I predict, will be one of the most furiously contested issues of the next few years. Giving any willing group the chance to set up a school may sound appealing on paper, but the devil will be in […]

Education Thu 3 Mar

Children not disadvantaged by comprehensive education

Interesting new study here , published in the  British Journal of Sociology . It is based on the fifty year long National Child Development Study, and paints a very different picture about the success of comprehensive education than the one we usually see. Authors Vikki  Boliver and Adam Swift take head on the frequently made […]

Education Sun 27 Feb

To Miss With Love – fact of fiction?

Katharine Birbalsingh , the teacher who spoke at last year’s Tory Party Conference condemning our state schools, has given her latest interview to the Observer. Several parents,  teachers, pupils (including me) and one politician were given the opportunity to respond here. Here is my initial take on the book , To Miss with Love, that […]

Education Sun 20 Feb

Alberta – a high achieving but very different vision for schools

One of the international examples that Michael Gove likes to use in support of his policies is the state of Alberta in Canada – the highest performing English speaking region in the world when it comes to education. However the policies of the state of Alberta aren’t quite as Mr Gove likes to suggest, as […]

Education Thu 10 Feb

Time for the Lib Dems to step up to the plate on schools plan

Link to original article in Guardian Education It is almost exactly five years since the last Labour government introduced its controversial Education and Inspections Bill. It followed a highly contested White Paper which promised to create a system of independent non fee paying schools. Companies, faith groups, charities and parents were going to set up […]

Education Sat 5 Feb

Some free legal advice on academies!

Some months ago I posted a legal opinion about the Academies Bill,  written by  David Wolfe , a barrister from Matrix Chambers, in London, who has been involved in many cases on behalf of parents concerned about their schools changing status. Following the news that parent campaigners at Tidemill Primary School in South London had […]

Education Sat 5 Feb

The row about BSF has obscured the real story on school capital funding

Much of the attention of the coalition governments funding of English maintained schools has focussed on the cancellation of the Building Schools for the Future programme. Almost no attention has been focussed on another aspect of capital funding that will affect all schools – that of Devolved Capital Funding. This is the annual allocation to […]

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Education Sat 5 Feb

Cameron’s schools policy will damage, not encourage, integration

So David Cameron is taking a firm stand on multi-culturalism and doesn’t want “different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream”. Yet when it comes to schools his ministers are encouraging quite the opposite. The requirement on schools to promote community cohesion is going and the free schools/academies policy will […]

Education Tue 11 Jan

Academy ‘spin’ not quite as it seems

So the Tory government’s academy movement has apparently reached a ‘’tipping point’. Well not quite. Unlike many  friends and colleagues, I thought last week’s announcement about the apparently extraordinary number of academies opened since the General Election smacked more of mild desperation rather that triumph. Isn’t it only six months since there were going to […]

Education Sat 8 Jan

Comprehensives can do much more than just get bright pupils in to good universities

First posted on the Local Schools Network I think I am going to enjoy Simon Hughes period as the university access Tsar.  He so desperately wants to brand himself as a progressive firebrand that he can’t help shooting from the hip, then he invariably rows back and doesn’t quite deliver ( ie fulminating, then abstaining […]